32 weeks with baby 3.0!

Can’t let anymore days go by or I’ll be 33 weeks! Last Friday I hit 32 weeks and this are plugging right along! This past week was my first visit to the chiropractor and man it was helpful. My hips, sacrum, and more are all out of alignment thanks to baby positioning and just general {Read More…}

31 weeks!

First of all, thank goodness I’m only 31 weeks and not in a panic mode about delivering during this awful blizzard! I’ve already seen some local news stories about ladies in labor while stuck trying to get to the hospital!  Anywayy, I hit 31 weeks on Friday and this week has been good. Baby must {Read More…}

Baby 3: 29 week bumpdate!

I hope everyone had an amazing amazing Christmas/New Year and enjoyed spending time with loved ones. We had some exciting things happen over break, but I will save that for another post! Today is all about the 29 week bump! I just cannot believe that if this baby follows the timeline of its brothers, that {Read More…}

27 Weeks on Christmas!

It was such an exciting day! The kids enjoyed mommy and daddy claus, my husband celebrated his 31st birthday, and baby is now in the third trimester! I have three months exactly until my due date… but if #3 follows the path of the boys, that means 2.5 months 😉 Quick pregnancy update: lots of annoying sciatic {Read More…}

Join Us!!

Good morning sunshines! It is the final week to take advantage of my sign up incentive for our Start Clean 2016 program! One of the big changes coming to my BAMR Bands business in 2016, is incorporating my expertise as a registered dietitian. This is super exciting for me and I hope it makes you {Read More…}